Steinway L ebony 1973

Steinway L ebony 1973


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5’10½” grand

Original factory ebony cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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This Steinway L was already restored when we acquired it. The restoration included all new Steinway action parts and a new set of tuning pins. The original factory ebony finish is not as perfect as some of our other pianos, which explains the unusually low price we’re asking for this model. The next owner of this piano will be someone who cares more about Steinway quality at an exceptional price than cosmetic perfection. Having said that, the finish is still quite presentable unless you study it up close. If you haven’t been shopping for new Steinways lately, the non-negotiable price of a new same-size Model O is $78,400 for the least expensive ebony finish, and amazingly, that hefty price tag includes only a 5-year warranty. Here at Rick Jones Pianos, our warranty is always 10 years on all parts and labor, plus a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. This is not a decision to be agonized over. This is piano is ONE THIRD the price of a new Steinway O with DOUBLE the warranty of any new Steinway. The logic and wisdom of choosing this piano over a new Steinway is as plain as the nose on your face.