Steinway L walnut 1991

Steinway L walnut 1991
Sold to Lincoln, NE


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5’10½” grand

Original factory walnut cabinet with original matching duet bench

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The name Steinway enjoys legendary status worldwide, even among people who know little about pianos. Steinway pianos have been the standard by which all other piano makers have been measured for over 150 years. This youthful Steinway is all original, including its original barely-used Steinway action parts, affording this piano’s lucky new owner decades of solid performance to come. The cabinet is not perfectly flawless, but it is very fine, and its few flaws will not be noticeable except under very close inspection. For those of you who haven’t been shopping for new Steinways lately, a new Steinway O (the present-day same size equivalent model to the Model L) sells new today for $96,800 in the more expensive walnut finish. Wow! That’s $70,000 more than this piano!! You could buy THREE pianos like ours for the price of ONE new equivalent Steinway. Plus, new Steinway pianos carry only a 5-year warranty to the original owner, while every piano we sell carries a 10-year fully transferable warranty PLUS a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well, a benefit no new piano manufacturer can offer. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which is the better deal.