Steinway M cherry 1950

Steinway M cherry 1950


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5’7″ grand

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Just to entertain an absurdly unlikely scenario, pretend that you are on your way to buy a new Steinway M, and on your way to the new Steinway store you find an envelope on the ground with $100,000 CASH in it! You then proceed to apply this found money towards the $95,800 price of a new Steinway M with the least expensive ebony finish (cherry is no longer offered by Steinway on this model). You feel quite smug over your good fortune! However, you would STILL not be as fortunate as you would be if you bought this piano. Firstly, because your new Steinway would have only a 5-year warranty, precisely HALF the warranty coverage that is standard with every piano WE sell. Secondly, because you could buy THIS piano with your found money, get DOUBLE the warranty coverage of a new Steinway, and still have $81,000 leftover!! This well-loved and pampered Steinway M is all original and was clearly someone’s trophy piano with decades of useful life still ahead of it. So, if you have ever dreamed of owning a beautiful Steinway grand but did not think you could afford it, then announce in a clear, steady voice, “I’ll take it!” Then you can feel TRULY smug over your good fortune!