Steinway M ebony 1916

Steinway M ebony 1916

$28,898.00 $25,000.00

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5’7″ grand

Newly refinished satin ebony cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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The name Steinway enjoys nothing less than legendary status around the world, even among people who know little about pianos. They have been the standard by which all other piano makers have been measured for over 150 years. This particular Steinway has a new satin ebony finish and a freshly repainted and relettered plate (harp). Internally, it has a new pinblock, tuning pins, all new strings, and all new Steinway action parts. For those of you who haven’t been shopping for new Steinways lately, a new ebony Steinway M sells new today for $76,600, and this hair-raising price includes only a 5-year warranty. Ask yourself if a new Steinway is worth more than twice the price of this piano while deserving only half of our warranty. Plus, every piano we sell comes with a lifetime upgrade guarantee. That means that if you ever want to trade your piano back to us for the purpose of upgrading to another piano, you only need to choose a piano that is priced higher than the one you’re trading back and we guarantee to honor your original purchase price in trade. In other words, no tricks, no legalese fine print, no convoluted rules. Just a straightforward, easy to understand upgrade policy. We believe every one of our customers deserves this privilege.