Steinway M ebony 1922

Steinway M ebony 1922


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5’7″ grand

Newly refinished satin ebony cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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This Jazz Age Steinway is in excellent condition. It has been refinished in a beautiful satin ebony & but is otherwise entirely original, which is why its price is much more affordable than most of our used Steinway grand pianos. We thoroughly reconditioned and regulated its original action parts, and like all our pianos, the price includes a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. Take a moment to sit down and play this classic Steinway. The current price for a new Steinway M with an ebony finish is $93,100. It is possible that a new Steinway could possibly play over $70,000 better than this one?! Plus, we should point out that a new Steinway has only a five-year warranty on parts and labor, while your Rick Jones Pianos warranty is always ten years on all parts and labor. Today is your lucky day!