Steinway M ebony 1930

Steinway M ebony 1930


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5’7″ grand

Hand-rubbed satin ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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The name Steinway enjoys nothing less than legendary status around the world, even among people who know little about pianos. They have been the standard by which all other piano makers have been measured for over 150 years. This particular Steinway M was rebuilt several years before we acquired it, including a new pinblock, tuning pins and strings, new Steinway action parts, and a new satin ebony finish for the cabinet and new gold paint and black lettering for the plate (the cast iron internal frame often colloquially called the “harp”). The gold paint on the plate shows some light crazing which could only be corrected by removing the plate and refinishing it from scratch. Since this would add thousands of dollars to the price of this piano and tie up our refinishing shop which is already backed-up with Steinways that need complete rebuilding, we are choosing to offer this piano at an unusually low price for a restored Steinway M. So if a dramatically lower price is more important to you than cosmetic perfection, you should take a serious look at this piano. For those of you who haven’t been shopping for new Steinways lately, a new ebony Steinway M sells new today for an astonishing $69,700. Plus, new Steinway pianos carry only a 5-year warranty to the original owner. Every piano we sell carries a 10-year fully transferable warranty PLUS a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well, a benefit not available with ANY new piano. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out which is the smarter choice.