Steinway M ebony 1955

Steinway M ebony 1955 “Sketch 1111”


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5’7″ grand

Original factory ebony finish with matching adjustable artist bench

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Steinway commissioned industrial designer and architect Walter Dorwin Teague to create this sleek, simple, streamlined Mid-Century Modern cabinet design to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Steinway & Sons in 1953. We added all new Steinway hammers, shanks & flanges, a new pinblock, tuning pins, and all new wires in our shop. Steinway originally produced this model between 1953 and 1973. Due to the renewed popularity of, and demand for Mid-Century Modern furniture, Steinway reintroduced the Sketch 1111 design again in 2018. The price has gone up slightly: the MSRP for a new Steinway M Sketch 1111 with an ebony finish is $125,300. So, if you are a Mid-Century Modern enthusiast who would like to save yourself roughly $90,000 compared to buying a new Sketch 1111, you might want to buy this piano sooner rather than later. We don’t expect it to be in our inventory very long, and don’t expect to get another one in stock anytime soon…if EVER!