Steinway M Louis XV walnut 1975

Steinway M “Louis XV” walnut 1975


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5’7″ grand

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Step back in time to 18th Century France with this elegant, Louis XV Steinway M. This piano was fitted with new Steinway hammers, shanks, and flanges, plus Abel whippens. Otherwise, this piano is all original, and remains in pampered, trophy piano condition, including its original duet bench with a beautifully upholstered needlepoint cushion. However, this piano is not just a pretty piece of furniture but a world-class musical instrument as well. Today, Steinway’s Louis XV Model M sells new for an astonishing, head-spinning $189,600!! Even if you got an absurdly and improbably generous discount from a new Steinway dealer, you would still easily end up paying 5-6 times the price of this piano for a new Steinway Louis XV Model M, and yet your new Steinway warranty would only be half (5 years) the length of our 10-year warranty which is included with the price of every piano we sell. Also included in the price is our practical and incredibly popular lifetime upgrade guarantee, a benefit that no new piano store can offer.