Steinway M mahogany 1917

Steinway M mahogany 1917

$12,898.00 $11,588.00

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5’7″ grand

Imperfect but not unloveable mahogany cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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This piano was refinished and rebuilt years before we acquired it, including a new mahogany finish, new tuning pins, all new strings, and new hammers, shanks and flanges. We estimate this work to have been done in the 1970s. While the mechanical parts remain in excellent condition, the refinished cabinet is starting to get a little rough around the edges. However, rather than refinishing this piano, which would add thousands to the price, we have decided to offer this piano for an ridiculously low price compared to our other used Steinway M models. If you haven’t been keeping up with new piano prices, the current price for a new Steinway M with a mahogany finish is $83,100. Plus, we should point out that a new Steinway has only a five-year warranty on parts and labor, while our warranty is always ten years on all parts and labor, even on a 101-year old piano like this. Plus we offer the additional benefit of a lifetime upgrade guarantee. So, if you are someone who cares less about cosmetic perfection than saving a ton of money on a Steinway grand, then give us a call or stop by before someone else beats you to it.