Steinway M mahogany 1933

Steinway M mahogany 1933

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5’7″ grand

Lovely mahogany cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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With the exception of having its cabinet refinished a few years before arriving in our shop, this seemingly ageless piano is all original and in amazingly fine condition. In fact, it epitomizes the term “trophy piano” that is often used to describe older Steinway pianos that remain in amazingly unused condition. If you’re unaware of new piano prices, the current MSRP for a new Steinway M with a mahogany finish is $92,600. Could a new Steinway M possibly play FOUR times better than this one? Plus, consider that a new Steinway has only a five-year warranty on parts and labor, while all of our used pianos, regardless of age, include not only a ten-year warranty on all parts and labor, but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. Why would you ever consider buying a new Steinway?