Steinway M mahogany 1935

Steinway M mahogany 1935


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5’7″ grand

Original factory mahogany cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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Steinway & Sons have been the standard by which all other piano makers have been measured for over 150 years. This particular Steinway M was made with a much-less-common mahogany cabinet. It is entirely original inside and out with internal parts that should have decades of useful service ahead of them. The cabinet is not cosmetically flawless, which is why this piano is priced lower than any other Steinway grand piano in our inventory. If you haven’t been pricing new Steinways lately, a new Steinway M with a mahogany cabinet has an MSRP of $95,400 with a 5-year warranty. Even if you were to get a very generous discount from a new Steinway dealer, you would still be looking at a price priced close to FOUR times the price of this piano, but with only half the warranty we offer on our used pianos. Plus, every piano we sell also comes with a lifetime upgrade guarantee. That means that if you ever want to trade your piano back to us for the purpose of upgrading to another piano, you only need to choose a piano that is priced higher than the one you’re trading back and we guarantee to honor your original purchase price in trade. There is no certain amount you have to trade up. There are no certain brands you must buy. There is no rule that says you must upgrade within a certain number of years. In other words, no tricks, no legalese, no fine print, no convoluted rules. Just a straightforward, easy-to-understand upgrade policy. We believe every one of our customers deserves this privilege.