Steinway M mahogany 1939

Steinway M mahogany 1939


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5’7″ grand

Original factory mahogany finish with new adjustable artist bench

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This Pre-WWII Steinway grand piano does not have a flawless finish. However, we really do not want to refinish this piano as our shop is already busting at the seams with Steinways that must be refinished and fully rebuilt before they are salable. That’s not the case with this piano. Besides the less than perfect finish, this piano’s all-original internal parts remain in very fine condition with no new parts needed in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is in our best interest (and YOURS!) for us to offer this piano at a unusually low price rather than refinish it. FYI, a new mahogany Steinway M sells for the vertigo-inducing price of $88,600.00. Of course, you don’t want to pay that. Who would? So, if price and performance matter more to you than cosmetic perfection, then step right up and announce, “I’ll take it! When can you deliver?”