Steinway M mahogany 1941

Steinway M mahogany 1941
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5’7″ grand

Original factory mahogany cabinet with adjustable artist bench

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This ageless pre-WWII gem of a piano is all original. The cabinetry is not flawless, but overall, this piano is in remarkable condition for its age, especially inside (where it really matters!) where the original parts reveal a soft life of light use (if any) and excellent maintenance. To play this Steinway and experience its long-sustaining, bell-like tone will clarify why so many people have unofficially dubbed the years between the two world wars as the “Golden Age” of Steinway. If you haven’t been keeping up with new piano prices, the current price for a new Steinway M with a mahogany finish is $83,100. Wow! That’s a lot! Could anyone seriously believe that a new Steinway could possibly play four times better than this one?! Not to mention, the intangible specialness of Steinway pianos of this time period. Plus, we should point out that a new Steinway has only a five-year warranty on parts and labor, while our warranty is always ten years on all parts and labor, plus the additional benefit of a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. Why would you ever consider buying a new Steinway?