Steinway O ebony 1918

Steinway O ebony 1918


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5’10½” grand

Hand-rubbed satin ebony cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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A magnificent example of “Golden Age” Steinway craftsmanship, this future family heirloom was painstakingly restored at our shop, including all new Ronson hammers, shanks & flanges, Tokiwa whippens, all new wires, a new pinblock, tuning pins, and a painstakingly hand-rubbed satin ebony finish. Steinway pianos have been prized for their sweet, long-sustaining bell-like tone for many generations, which is abundantly evident in this piano. A new Steinway O with an ebony finish sells new today for $90,300 with a 5-year warranty. Even if you got an improbably generous discount from a new Steinway dealer, you would still end up paying at least double the price of this piano with only half the warranty coverage we offer with all of our used pianos. In short, if you’re looking for an amazing Steinway grand at a price that’s unthinkable in the world of new Steinways, then be glad you have the opportunity to buy this piano before someone else does!