Steinway O mahogany 1903

Steinway O mahogany 1903


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5’10½” grand

Beautiful mahogany cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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We purchased this beautiful Model O already restored including new tuning pins, strings, hammers and keytops. Naturally, it carries our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, and will be going strong for decades to come. If you are looking for a beautiful, affordable vintage American grand, don’t pass this one by. The MSRP on a new walnut Steinway O is $90,200 with only a 5-year factory warranty. We’re offering this piano for less 1/4 the cost of new including a 10-year transferable warranty on all parts and labor! It is impossible to imagine any new piano playing over $70K better than this piano, and there is nothing new today that comes close to giving a pianist the uniqueness of tone and touch this piano offers.