Steinway S cherry 1956

Steinway S cherry 1956


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5’1″ baby grand

Original factory cherry cabinet with original matching duet bench

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This beautiful Steinway baby grand was clearly someone’s pampered trophy piano. The lack of wear and tear on the original parts clearly indicates a piano that was more furniture than hard working practice piano. The present-day MSRP for a new Model S with a cherry finish is $81,900. For the same money, you could buy four pianos like this for the price of ONE new one and still have several thousand dollars left over! Every piano we sell includes our standard 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, double the length of a NEW Steinway warranty, PLUS our lifetime upgrade guarantee as well. If you read the letters on our Testimonials Page you will see that our customers come from all over the country. Some have flown cross-country to buy their pianos here. Compared to the massive savings our used pianos offer, a plane ticket and hotel room is a minor expense.

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