Steinway S mahogany 1939

Steinway S mahogany 1939


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5’1″ baby grand

Original factory mahogany cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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This piano does not have a flawless finish, the most example being crazing throughout the original lacquer finish of the piano. We do not want to refinish this piano, but rather offer it for an unusually low price to entice someone more concerned with performance and value than cosmetics. Could that be you? Internally, this piano is still in very good condition and does not need rebuilding, thus we have no reservations about offering our usual 10-year warranty with this piano (we would never sell any piano without a 10-year warranty). By the way, in case you don’t know, a new mahogany Steinway S sells for the soul-crushing price of $87,800.00 with 5-year warranty, half the length of our standard warranty. So, if price, performance and warranty matter more to you than cosmetic perfection, then step right up and announce, “I’ll take it! When can you deliver?”