Steinway S walnut 1943

Steinway S walnut 1943


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5’1″ baby grand

Original factory walnut cabinet with matching adjustable artist bench

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This rare WWII-era Steinway S is entirely original and was clearly someone’s well-loved and treasured possession. During WWII, Steinway’s contribution to the war effort was manufacturing wooden gliders like the ones that delivered American troops behind enemy lines in Normandy on D-Day. Steinway also manufactured over 2,000 “Victory Verticals”, tough little combat-ready upright pianos that could withstand being dropped by parachute into a combat zone. This piano is one of the very few “normal pianos” that Steinway built for the public in their spare time during the war years, hence its rarity. The cabinet is not without a few scars, but they are relatively few and minor and do not spoil the looks of the piano in our opinion (see picture slideshow). The internal parts are in outstanding condition, and we have no reservations about bestowing our standard 10-year warranty on this piano. This Steinway has a supple and responsive touch and a beautiful bell-like tone. A new model S with a walnut finish has an MSRP of $93,400 which includes only a 5-year warranty. Even with a generous discount from a new Steinway dealer, you would easily end up pay 4 TIMES the price of this piano for a new walnut Steinway S while only getting half of our standard warranty coverage…or you could own a piece of history by buying this piano for a fraction of the cost of a new Steinway.