Story & Clark 178 ebony 2008

Story & Clark 178 ebony 2008


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5′ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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Made in America for many years before ceasing production in the 1980s, Story & Clark enjoyed a revival in the 21st Century when the Dongbei factory added them to their roster of entry-level grand pianos. This grand piano is a lot of piano for the money. Made in China using German hammers and strings and a solid spruce soundboard, the Dongbei factory that manufactured them enjoyed such a reputation for excellence in the piano business that their factory was purchased by a leading American manufacturer to make their pianos. So, if a well-built, affordable entry-level grand is what you’re looking for, you couldn’t do much better than this piano. If your skills improve beyond entry-level, then use our lifetime upgrade guarantee to trade up to a more advanced, more expensive piano. You will receive the price you paid in trade towards it with no time limit and no depreciation. So, whether you keep it forever or upgrade later, you can’t go wrong.