Tadashi T-10 rosewood 1985

Tadashi T-10 rosewood 1985


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43″ tall

58″ wide

22″ deep

Beautiful polished rosewood cabinet with original matching duet bench

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Made by the Atlas Piano Co. of Hamamatsu, Japan, the name Tadashi was known and respected in the piano business in North America in the 1970s and 80s. In Japan, they were sold under their own name Atlas but had to be sold in the US under the name Tadashi due to a trade name copyright conflict with the Atlas name. Once a serious rival to Yamaha and Kawai, Atlas was founded in 1955 in Hamamatsu, Japan (home of both Yamaha and Kawai pianos, and defacto piano capital of Japan). Largely forgotten today outside the piano business, they made pianos that approached the quality of their larger competitors but at more affordable prices. This slender apartment size console was designed for the person who wants a full-size 88-key piano with the smallest footprint possible. It is thoughtfully designed, well-built, includes a practice mute, its original matching duet bench, and a beautiful polished brown rosewood cabinet. One cannot buy a new Atlas (or Tadashi) piano today, which is a shame. We get them whenever one as nice as this piano crosses our path, which sadly is very seldom. This piano is all original and appears to have been used very little and maintained very well by its previous owner. The internal parts show practically no wear (click picture slideshow) indicating a piano that still has decades of useful life ahead of it. Like every piano we sell, it carries our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, as well as our lifetime upgrade guarantee.