Wurlitzer C143 ebony 1996

Wurlitzer C143 ebony 1996


(Made by Samick)

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4’7″ petite baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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Baby grands are a subcategory of grand pianos and are grand pianos that are less than 5’6″ long. Petite baby grands are a subcategory of baby grands and are baby grands that are less than 5′ long. At 4’6″ long, this is the smallest 88-key petite baby grand one can buy. In short, if you can’t fit this in your home, then you can’t fit any size grand piano in your home, at least not one that has a full-size 88-key keyboard (and no, we don’t sell miniature pianos). If you’re looking for a nice little baby grand at a lower-than-average price, then your search is over. It will fill your home with beautiful music without breaking the budget. This pretty polished ebony piano was made by Samick in Korea. It is in excellent condition and has an excellent tone and touch for its size. You can shop all over town and not find a used baby grand of this quality for less, with a 10-year warranty and lifetime full-value trade-up guarantee to boot. So, pick up the phone and call us, before someone else does.