Yamaha C3 ebony 1973

Yamaha C3 ebony 1973


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6’1″ grand

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This Yamaha C3 is entirely original and appears to have been gently used in its life with decades of useful life still ahead of it (piano years = human years). Yamaha launched their Conservatory Series grand piano line in 1967 with just one model, the C3, and the model has been in continuous production ever since. Even though Yamaha has been making pianos since the turn of the 20th Century, their pianos had only been sold outside of Japan for a few years in 1967 when the Conservatory Series was launched. Its purpose was to show the world that Japanese pianos could satisfy the demands of classically trained pianists as much as their more established European and American competitors. It worked, and today Yamaha is regarded as a major player on the world stage of fine pianos. Today, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for a new Yamaha C3 is $60,899. Even if you got an improbably generous discount from a new Yamaha dealer, you would still end up paying several times the price of this piano for a new Yamaha C3. Or, you could be smart and buy this piano. We do not doubt that you will find some other use for the tens of thousands of dollars you will save by not buying a new Yamaha C3.