Yamaha C3 ebony 1990

Yamaha C3 ebony 1990


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6’1″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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Due to its barely-used, all-original condition, including the original Yamaha hammers which have practically no wear at all, this wonderful piano still has most of its useful life ahead of it. Remember: Pianos aren’t old when they’re 20, 30, or even 40; they’re old when they’re 80, just like people (and other music instruments). People who tell you that pianos are old when they’re 20 probably want to sell you a new piano. The Yamaha C3 model is one of our most requested Yamaha models, and has been purchased by a multitude of concert pianists, teachers, students, and ordinary people. A brand new ebony Yamaha C3 grand carries a list price of $56,999. YIKES! Who wants to pay that! Not you, and certainly no one who has discovered the values we have to offer in our warehouse. Spend just 10 minutes playing this magnificent piano and you’ll never look at new pianos the same again.

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