Yamaha C5 ebony 1987

Yamaha C5 ebony 1987
Sold to Washington, DC


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Includes humidity control system, a $450 value!

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6’7″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching adjustable bench

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This magnificent instrument was gently used and lovingly maintained, exactly the kind of piano with which we try to fill our showroom. Now it awaits its lucky new owner. Could that be you? The new MSRP on a new ebony Yamaha C5 today is a hair-raising $63,899. Why pay such a daunting sum for an overpriced new piano when ours costs ONE THIRD as much and includes not only a 10-year warranty but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well, something NOT offered with new pianos. At Rick Jones Pianos, your money always buys more piano with better benefits than anywhere in the country. This Yamaha grand is a perfect example. Since no video demo played over scrawny computer speakers can do justice to this majestic piano, we highly recommend you listen to the video below through headphones or high-quality external computer speakers.