Yamaha C7 ebony 1979

Yamaha C7 ebony 1979


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7’4″ grand

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This stunning Yamaha C7 is entirely original and remains in very fine condition with many years of reliable usefulness ahead of it. Now it can be yours. Church music directors, professional pianists, and teachers have flown across the country to buy this model from us. These people all knew an incredible deal the moment they saw it. The MSRP of a new Yamaha C7 is an intimidating $86,899.00. Even if you got an improbably generous discount from a new Yamaha dealer, you would easily end up paying at least 3 times the price of this piano. Perhaps the fabulously wealthy and hopelessly age-conscious may wish to buy a new C7, but most mortals are more interested in getting the best value for the money they spend than overpaying for an overpriced new piano. Since no video demo played over scrawny computer speakers can do justice to this majestic piano, we highly recommend you listen to the video above through headphones or high-quality external computer speakers.