Yamaha G1 ebony 1971

Yamaha G1 ebony 1971


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5’3″ baby grand

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The G1 model was Yamaha’s top-of-the-line baby grand in 1971. Barely used and in excellent condition, we fitted this piano with a new set of tuning pins and all-new wires. Otherwise, it has all of its original parts. At 5’3″, this beautiful baby grand is large enough to have a satisfyingly full tone and yet is small enough to fit in most living rooms. It has a more refined tone and touch than most entry-level baby grands, making it suited not just to beginners but experienced pianists and teachers as well. Yamaha’s top-of-the-line baby grand today, the C1 model, sells new for $39,899 with the least expensive ebony finish seen here. Even if you got an absurdly and improbably huge discount from a new Yamaha dealer, you would still end up paying several times the price of this piano for a new Yamaha C1. Now you know why customers from all over the USA buy from Rick Jones Pianos.