Yamaha G1 walnut 1977

Yamaha G1 walnut 1977

$9,898.00 $8,588.00

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Beautiful satin walnut cabinet with original matching duet bench

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Gorgeous walnut Yamaha baby grands like this are hard to find and always a welcome treat to our customers who typically snap them up as fast as we can get them set up. This piano is priced modestly at under $10K, a very rare thing for a Japanese-made grand of any make or model in this store. Meanwhile, the MSRP on Yamaha’s comparable present-day model with the much more expensive satin walnut finish is a gut-wrenching $46,369! Who wants to pay that?! Not you, that’s who! Besides its beautiful appearance this piano is a first class musical instrument with a touch that is smooth and responsive and tone that is crisp and bright without being harsh. This piano is a perfect example of why customers come from all over the U.S.A. choose to make us their piano store. This piano will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and you save thousands. Why buy new?