Yamaha G2 ebony 1964

Yamaha G2 ebony 1964


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5’8″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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If you are harboring the erroneous belief that pianos have a 30-year lifespan (usually acquired from a nakedly self-serving new piano store), then you obviously haven’t tried this piano yet, or any number of other wonderful pianos we have that are well over the age of 30. If you can play this piano, and examine it inside and out (see picture slideshow and video above), and can honestly say that it looks and plays like an “old” piano, then maybe our world of used pianos just isn’t for you. We encounter many people who are familiar only with Yamaha’s present-day roster of grand pianos. They’ve heard of Yamaha’s present-day C2 model, but have never heard of its noble predecessor, the venerable, tried-and-true G2 model seen here. The G2 was Yamaha’s top-of-the-line medium-size grand piano design from 1947 until 1994 when the G2 model was retired and the present-day C2 was introduced. Not to take anything away from the wonderfulness of today’s C2 models, but the G2 model was already quite wonderful and capable in its own right, not to mention beloved by generations of piano owners, as countless of our customers and piano teachers can attest. We go out of our way always to have at least one Yamaha G2 model in stock on any given day, but they all seem to sell as fast as we can get them. It’s easy to understand why. Medium-size grand piano models like the G2 are large enough to offer a more satisfyingly weighty and substantial tone than a baby grand, while still being small enough to fit in almost any living space. This Yamaha G2 is entirely original and remains in remarkably clean condition, and was obviously gently used and very well-maintained. Included in the price are our standard benefits: our 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, our lifetime upgrade guarantee, free delivery within 100 miles of this store, a matching duet bench, and one free in-home tuning within 6 months of delivery. This piano is a perfect example of why countless people have chosen the Yamaha G2 as their piano, and why they have chosen Rick Jones Pianos as their piano shop for life.