Yamaha G3 ebony 1978

Yamaha G3 ebony 1978


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6’1″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This beautiful Yamaha G3 received a new pinblock, tuning pins and a complete new set of wires, but is otherwise all original, including the barely used original Yamaha hammers, attesting to a pampered life of gentle use by its previous owner. Look at the picture slideshow pictures above to see the extraordinary condition of the all of the original parts. Of course, you could just buy a brand-new C3 for $57K, but WHY? With savings like this off new piano prices, you could buy years of piano lessons and a mountain of sheet music, or a brand new car to take you to your lessons! Now you know why customers call us, and come from all over the USA to buy from us.