Yamaha G3 ebony 1984

Yamaha G3 ebony 1984


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6’1″ grand

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For those folks still harboring the absurd belief that pianos have a 30-year lifespan, perhaps acquired from a nakedly self-serving new piano store, said folks have not met this piano…yet. If you can play this piano, examine it inside and out, and can honestly say that it looks and plays like an “old” piano, then maybe our world of used pianos just is not for you. This very well-preserved Yamaha G3 is entirely original and still has decades of useful life ahead of it. This piano was obviously well-maintained by its previous owner. In short, this is a very nice piano for the money. Now you know why customers call us and come from all over the USA to buy from us. The suggested retail price of a new Yamaha this size and finish is $60,899. Surely you can think of a good use for the $45K you’ll save if you buy this piano instead of a new one.