Yamaha GP1 ebony 2001

Yamaha GP1 ebony 2001
Sold to York, PA


Includes humidity control system, a $450 value

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5’3″ baby grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This beautiful Yamaha baby grand is in mint condition inside and out. The intense tone of this piano belies its size, and it has a nice smooth action as well. This model is the predecessor to Yamaha’s present-day GC1 model, which has a new suggested retail price of $23,999.00. For that price, you could buy even then biggest and most powerful used Yamaha grands we sell. So, why would you consider buying new if you could buy this piano for $15K less, and which will look, sound and play as well as any new piano? Plus, not only do our used pianos carry a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor (just like new) but a lifetime upgrade guarantee as well (UN-like ANY new piano).

So, we ask you:

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