Yamaha P22 walnut 1994

Yamaha P22 walnut 1994
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45″ tall

59″ wide

23″ deep

Attractive satin walnut cabinet with adjustable bench

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If you went to American schools in the 1970s and 80s, you would have seen pianos exactly like this in classrooms, choir rooms, band rooms, and practice rooms. Yamaha had two factories in the US just for making these models, first in Grand Haven, Michigan, (where this model was called the P202) and later in Thomaston, Georgia (where this model was made). They were the ultimate institutional vertical piano model for decades. With reinforced toe blocks and 8 rubber casters, they were designed to be tough and mobile. Luckily, they were also offered to the public, so you didn’t have to be a school to get one. The absence of wear on this piano’s internal parts suggests that it never spent a day of its life in a school, but was a gently used home piano. The price we are asking for this very capable piano is barely enough to buy you the lowliest new “starter” piano at a fancy pants new piano store, so if a good value is your goal, then give this piano a serious look. Regardless of what piano you choose, or how much you spend, your money always goes much further in our world of fine used pianos. Naturally, our price includes our standard 10-year warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee, so if you EVER want to upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference. A great first piano for you or your kids to learn on.

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