Yamaha U1 ebony 1971(1)

Yamaha U1 ebony 1971
Sold to Sterling, VA


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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Made continuously since the 1950s until the present day, the Yamaha U1 is the best selling and most teacher recommended piano model ever made. This piano has all new strings and tuning pins for maximum tuning stability but is otherwise all original. Look at the picture slideshow above to see, among other things, the original Yamaha hammers. Their absence of wear is the ultimate proof of this pianos lack of use, which is a vastly more important consideration when choosing a used piano than chronological age. Of course, it carries our standard 10-year warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee, so if you EVER want to upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference. Yamaha uprights like this are tough to keep in stock as piano teachers helping their students shop for a piano recommend this model more than any other. They combine high performance and an affordable price into one irresistible package. Fortunately for you, we go out of our way to get them as often as we can.