Yamaha U1 mahogany 1966

Yamaha U1 mahogany 1966


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

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The Yamaha U1 model is the world’s best-selling vertical piano model. Full-size Yamaha uprights, especially the U1 model,  are recommended by more teachers shopping for/with their students than all other pianos combined. With its well-defined bass, singing treble, and highly responsive keyboard, this impressive upright can serve your student’s needs with room to spare while still being sufficiently capable to meet the musical demands of more advanced pianists as well. As a bonus, this particular model includes a beautiful dark brown mahogany cabinet. This piano is in excellent condition inside and out. For the sake of comparison, the MSRP of a new Yamaha U1 with a mahogany finish is currently $14,299, more than three times the price of this piano. The price of a new Yamaha U1 would give you a 10-year warranty, just like our used pianos, but would not include the lifetime upgrade guarantee we offer with every one of our used pianos. In other words, if you ever want to trade it back to the store that sold it to you, you will get much less in trade than you originally paid for the piano. Not so with our pianos, and our lifetime upgrade guarantee. So, before you fork over a large chunk of your hard-earned money to buy an overpriced new piano, we recommend giving this piano a serious look.