Yamaha U1 walnut 1974

Yamaha U1 walnut 1974


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Distressed but not homely satin walnut cabinet with matching duet bench

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“Hi! I am a rescue piano. My cruel former masters were going to haul me to the dump because I’m not as pretty as I was when they bought me, until Rick Jones saved my life. He is super cool! He personally worked on my vital internal parts for many days and made me into a really nice piano again, just like a used to be when I was young and beautiful. I’m still not too pretty on the outside, but I’m not ugly either. I still play really well, which is the most important thing, and think I’m worth every penny Rick is asking for me, and more. If you buy me, I’ll prove it to you. Rick is even sending me to my next home with a 10-year year warranty, just like all of his other pianos. I would be perfect for your rec room, teaching studio, or anywhere you want to put me. It sure beats spending the rest of my days at the landfill! All I need is a new home. If you want me, I’m waiting for you at Rick Jones Pianos. Just tell the nice people who work there that you want to adopt me and they will arrange everything for you. See you soon I hope.

PS – Did I mention that Rick is super cool?”