Yamaha U10BL ebony 1989

Yamaha U10BL ebony 1989


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet with matching duet bench

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This model is little known outside the used piano business, but in our world of used pianos, this model is known and respected as an upgraded variation of the best-selling Yamaha U1 model, with a slightly more colorful and refined tone, and a keyboard more responsive than the average U1 model. Full-size Yamaha uprights like this are tough to keep in stock since many piano teachers helping their students choose a piano recommend Yamaha models like this above most others. They combine high performance and an affordable price into one irresistible package. Like every piano we sell, this piano includes our standard 10-year warranty on all parts and labor. A great piano both for the beginner and experienced pianists alike.