Yamaha U10F mahogany 2003

Yamaha U10F mahogany 2003
Sold to Potomac, MD


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

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This model was the prototype for the Yamaha b3, the budget version of the Yamaha U1 model and the largest of the b series Yamaha introduced in 2010. The b series is a line of exceptionally well-designed and built entry-level vertical models made in Yamaha’s factory in Indonesia, whose mission is to manufacture Yamaha’s entry-level models. Legendary for their precise workmanship and durability, most Yamaha pianos can easily achieve a human lifespan with moderate use and excellent maintenance, which is true of this piano. Therefore, at only 18 years old, this piano still has the vast majority of its lifespan ahead of it for its lucky new owner. For the sake of price comparison, a new Yamaha model b3 with the least expensive ebony finish sells today for $9,999. That’s not a lot, but if you could get a barely-used Yamaha b3 with a mahogany finish that’s only 21 years old for only $4,000 less than new without sacrificing a 10-year warranty, would you buy it? To put it another way, if you found $4,000 on the ground, would you pick it up? Sure you would! Your money always goes further in our world of fine, used pianos, and this piano is a perfect example. Like every used piano we sell, it is in barely-used condition inside (where it matters most), the finish is super clean, and it comes with our standard 10-year warranty and full value lifetime trade-up guarantee, meaning that if you EVER want to upgrade, you will only need to pay the difference. A great first piano!