Yamaha U1SHTA ebony 2014

Yamaha U1SHTA ebony 2014
Sold to Washington, DC

$8,898.00 $7,598.00

“Silent Hybrid TransAcoustic”

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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

Beautiful polished ebony cabinet.

Includes original matching duet bench, original factory headphones and original owner’s manual

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It is possible to buy a new silent hybrid Yamaha U1SH today for $15,199. It is also possible to buy a new TransAcoustic Yamaha U1TA for $17,199. However, here is one piano that embodies both “Silent” and “TransAcoustic” capability. For those of you who don’t know, a “Silent” Yamaha U1SH is a Yamaha U1 that has the ability to have the normal acoustic sound silenced so the piano can be played digitally through headphones. A “TransAcoustic” Yamaha U1TA is a Yamaha U1 that is equipped with Yamaha’s radically innovative “TransAcoustic” capability. TransAcoustic pianos are similar to Silent pianos, but instead of the digital sound being audible only through headphones, TransAcoustic pianos can also generate an electromagnetic impulse directly to the piano’s natural spruce soundboard, thereby turning the soundboard into a giant speaker. The result is far more lifelike and expressive than any digital sound we’ve ever heard through conventional speakers, and arguably much more satisfying and enjoyable than a conventional digital piano. The digital portion of this piano offers 19 different voices, including piano sound sampled from a Yamaha CFX 9-foot concert grand, harpsichord, string ensemble, vocal ensemble, marimba, synthesizer, several different versions of organ sound and many more. There is also a metronome, record feature, USB, MIDI and AUX ports, and two headphones jacks so two pianists can enjoy the piano silently at the same time. But first and foremost, this piano is a real acoustic piano with the same soundboard, bridges, strings, action parts and keys that any normal Yamaha U1 would have, so it looks, feels and sounds like a real piano because IT IS a real piano. When you consider that a new Yamaha Silent or TransAcoustic model U1 would cost you between $15K and $17K, this piano at $8,898 with a 10-year warranty is the quintessential no-brainer if every there was one. Plus, at only 3-years old, it is a mere toddler in piano years and will easily outlive its next owner (sorry, but it’s true). What are you waiting for?