Yamaha W104 rosewood 1981

Yamaha W104 rosewood 1981
Sold to Phoenix, MD


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48″ tall

58″ wide

25″ deep

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One of the more unique Yamaha uprights we have in stock, this model is part of the lesser-known Yamaha W-series, this one with a head-turning satin rosewood cabinet. Yamaha’s W-series was based on existing designs from their well-known U-series models but with unusual woodgrain finishes (hence “W”). Sharing the same internal design as the well-known Yamaha U1 model, this piano offers all of the Yamaha musical attributes prized by pianists and teachers alike. A first-rate upright piano in every way. Now you know what thousands of happy customers all over the country already know: that there’s no reason to buy a new piano with pianos like this available here at Rick Jones Pianos.