Young Chang G-200 ebony 1990

Young Chang G-200 ebony 1990


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6’5″ grand

Beautiful polished ebony finish with matching duet bench

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This impressive Young Chang grand is easily the most piano for the price in our store. The same size as the Yamaha G5, or Steinway AIII models, which are priced a great deal higher than this piano, this piano was designed and built by Young Chang, one of the most successful and respected piano manufacturers in Korea. At this price, this piano would make a nice treat for your budding student pianist and is sufficiently advanced in design to take your student far into their studies. Young Chang does not make any grand models this large anymore. Their largest grand model, which is 6’1”, is currently priced at $20,390, more than double the price of this piano. There are many such examples in our inventory of the advantages of buying a used piano from Rick Jones Piano rather than a new piano (not least of which: our lifetime upgrade guarantee), but even if this piano were the only piano in our store, it would still make a very compelling example of how much farther your money goes with our used pianos compared to the overpriced world of new pianos.