Young Chang PG-150 white 1998

Young Chang PG-150 white 1998 with PianoDisc system


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4’11” baby grand

Beautiful polished white (ivory) finish with a matching duet bench

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This impressive player baby grand is a fully functional acoustic piano in every way and is also a player piano, so when you’re not kicking back enjoying the player system, you or your kids can be taking lessons on it. Furthermore, it’s finished in polished white, a finish often requested but rarely seen in our shop. This beautiful baby grand is part of Young Chang’s Pramberger line, which used a design by Joseph Pramberger, the highly respected former piano design engineer and manufacturing executive for Steinway & Sons. Priced lower than comparable Japanese-made baby grands from Yamaha and Kawai, this piano is perfect to get the family started on piano lessons without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s in barely-used condition inside and out and has decades of useful life ahead of it. Like every piano we sell, you get a 10-year warranty and lifetime upgrade guarantee, no matter where you live. Why spend thousands more of your hard-earned dollars on a new piano when beautiful, capable used pianos like this are available here for a fraction of new retail prices? Think of all the things you could buy with the savings our pianos offer. Why buy new?