Young Chang U-3 mahogany 1986

Young Chang U-3 mahogany 1986
Sold to Laurel, MD

$2,898.00 $1,988.00

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52″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

Flawed polished red mahogany cabinet with matching duet bench

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This piano is a Young Chang model U-131 in all but name. The cabinet has some very noticeable flaws in the form of hairline cracks in the clear coat lacquer. These would be impossible to remove without completely refinishing the piano, which we are not going to do. Our refinishing shop already has its collective hands full refinishing our vintage Steinway grands. Therefore, we have chosen to reduce the price of this piano $900 less than the usual price for this model, an enormous discount for a piano in this price range. This piano would be a tremendous bargain for a household of young, energetic new piano students, who often tend to be hard on piano finishes anyway. Inside the piano (where it really matters!) it’s in gently-used condition with decades of useful life ahead of it. It carries our standard 10-year warranty on all parts and labor and lifetime upgrade guarantee. Young Chang uprights are a staple of our inventory, and one of our best selling piano lines. Why spend thousands more of your hard-earned dollars on a comparable new piano when you can have this piano for the price of a cheap new “starter” piano that doesn’t possess a fraction of the capability of this instrument? Think of all the things you could buy with the savings our pianos offer, all of which come with a 10-year warranty and our enormously popular lifetime upgrade guarantee.