Young Chang U-3 mahogany 1986

Young Chang U-3 mahogany 1986


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52″ tall

60″ wide

25″ deep

Flawed polished red mahogany cabinet with matching duet bench

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This piano was made by Young Chang in Korea and is a Young Chang 52-inch upright in all but name. The cabinet is not cosmetically perfect, with a scattering of minor blemishes that would be impossible to remove without complete refinishing, but inside, where it really matters, it’s in barely-used condition with decades of useful life ahead of it. It carries our standard 10-year warranty on all parts and labor and lifetime upgrade guarantee. Young Chang uprights are a staple of our inventory, and one of our best selling piano lines. Why spend thousands more of your hard-earned dollars on a comparable new piano when you can have this piano for the price of a cheap new “starter” piano that doesn’t possess a fraction of the capability of this instrument? Our specialty since 1983 has been gorgeous used pianos like this, available for a fraction of new retail prices. The thousands of happy customers who have kept us in business all these years all wanted what you want: the most piano for the least money. Think of all the things you could buy with the savings our pianos offer, all of which come with a 10-year warranty and our much ballyhooed lifetime upgrade guarantee.