Young Chang Y-150 mahogany 2018

Young Chang Y-150 mahogany 2018


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4’11” baby grand

Beautiful polished mahogany finish with matching adjustable bench with sheet music storage compartment

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All you need to get piano lessons underway, this beautiful, Young Chang baby grand was purchased from us brand-new, then traded back to us by its original purchaser using our Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee. Our Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee has been in place for our entire 39-year history and has allowed countless customers to trade up to their ideal piano gradually without losing money in trade or having to purchase their dream piano outright. In 2008, Young Chang partnered with veteran American piano designer Delwin Fandrich to redesign their entire line of pianos, which resulted in pianos with greatly improved tone quality and refinement, as well as more standardized manufacturing processes for better quality control. This piano is a product of Young Chang’s redesign and we believe you will agree that its quality will be impossible to surpass at this price. It has an excellent tone and touch and is a pleasure to play on and listen to. This piano features a slow-close fallboard (key cover) to protect little fingers and a functioning sostenuto pedal, both of which are typical features of more expensive pianos. Combine all of the above with our 10-year warranty and our lifetime upgrade guarantee and you can’t beat this deal!